Secret Menu

We are headquartered in Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl, and near California's cult-favorite burger chain, famous for their secret menu. We have a secret menu of our own and below is an array of services and support we offer to payroll providers, PEOs, ASOs, staffing agencies and large corporate clients that need a solution for their payroll-related scenarios.

  • Acquire New Business: perhaps you're looking to grow your business or are in acquisition mode - we often know people who are looking to sell
  • Selling Your Business: as your payroll provider matchmaker, we can possibly help get multiple offers so you can sell your business for its maximum value  
  • Software Management: you can get more out of your software investments - we'll even match make for you and cover the software contracting legal costs 
  • Get out of a Tough Situation: righting your ship may be the order of the day - we have options that may be able to help someone in a financial bind

  • Back Office Ops: extra hands on deck is always helpful - we have experienced people at the ready to provide white glove service
  • Risk Management: our guidance can help prevent getting into difficult situations 

  • Vendor Management: we know just about everyone in the industry and can help set up relationships to round out your suite of services

One payroll provider that took advantage of some of the above said: "You guys kept me out of prison!"

See any areas where we might be able to help? Give us a call at (855) 591-9865 and get in the know.

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